About us

Keep America Strong Inc., created in 2001 is a spiritually based, non-profit corporation established to facilitate restoration for men, women and children through healing of the mind, body and spirit.  Our purpose is to offer training, education, assistance and motivation to adults as well as youth through a variety of diverse mediums (programs). We offer training in personal development, business ethics, financial literacy, basic computer skills, grooming for success, and self awareness, just to name a few.
The officers of Keep America Strong Inc. began our people/community building involvement in the early 1960’s. Over our more than fifty (50) years of experience, our successful accomplishments have been thoroughly documented. Through our patient perseverance Keep America Strong Inc. was formed. KAS envisions a global environment that nurtures the excellence of the human being and one that empowers the individual with right thinking and right actions.
Keep America Strong Inc. seeks to address and offer hope to our sometimes orphaned segments of society, those transitioning from the penal system, welfare system, destructive lifestyles, battered and abused relationships and the foster care system.  We support individual reform, societal reform and global peace.
Keep America Strong Inc. is committed to human rights, equal justice and equitable social service for all Americans.