Achievement Highlights


• Conducted first “Economic Rally”, January 2002 in Atlanta GA.
Delegates of “Hope Global Forums” 2016 and 2017 in Atlanta, GA
Participated in “I Am OZ Youth Summit” Atlanta, GA June 2017
Published Amazon.com Best Seller eBook ‘Natural Healing: Use Prayer, Food and Energy Healing as Natural Remedies’ Co-authored by William Saafir and Sandy Rogers, November 2015
Four consecutive years of successful “The World Is Yours Youth Rally”, Ft. Worth Texas, over 10,000 youth served.
Weekly host: ‘Life, Love and Wellness: The Sandy Rodgers Show’ on Blog Talk Radio, 2015 to present
Collaborated on ‘Model Home of Excellence’ Project in East Point, GA 2016-2017
Completed Women Workshops – Louisiana, California and Texas.
Weekly counseling sessions with “Atlanta Interfaith AIDS Network”, Atlanta Georgia
Partnership with World Financial Group to conduct ‘Financial Literacy Sessions’, Ft. Worth Texas.
Developed collaboration with several non profit organizations to establish “Sankofa Academy of Excellence”
Completed Life Skills projects; Boys to Manhood; and Summer Youth Camp training, Atlanta Georgia
Provided counseling to 10,000+ HIV/AIDS persons in Atlanta through the Living Honorably with HIV/AIDS Program
Provided Capacity Building Training to several AIDS Service Organizations in Georgia
Conducted “Students of The Mind” workshops in Arlington, Texas 2009-2012
Conducted ‘Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship’ workshops in Arlington, TX 2013-2014
Served as Field Deputy for Los Angeles City Councilman Robert Farrell 1980-1985
Served as Treasurer and President of the Near South East Community Development Corp. Board of Directors Fort Worth, TX 2003-2007
Represented Near South East Community of Fort Worth, Texas at the ‘Service For Peace’ multi-faith peace mission in Takasaki, Japan 2006
Participated in the Multifaith Exploration & Exchange Program at Thanks Giving Square Center for World Thanksgiving in Dallas, TX 1994-1995

Our outreach encompasses all of humanity who has a desire for improvement. We have developed working and personal relationships with groups in Cape Coast, Ghana West Africa; Johannesburg South Africa as well as Takasaki, Japan in our Global Connection

Major Historical Highlights of movements and organizations created:

• Nu Vision Modeling and Entertainment Inc – Los Angeles, CA 1987-1995
Nu Vision Global Enterprises – Los Angeles, CA 1995-2015
SCFIW – Student Committee For Improvement in Watts, Los Angeles, CA 1961-1966
CCDA – Community and Cultural Development Association, Los Angeles, CA 1976-1978
CCF – Community Collective Farming, Palmdale, CA 1980-1983
C.R.U.C.I.A.L. Leadership Conference, Los Angeles, CA 1985
AASI – Afro American Studies Institute, Yellow Springs, OH 1967-1968
Nur Academy – Los Angeles, CA, Weatherford, TX, Atlanta, GA 1983-2017