Youth Leadership Ranch

Manifest Victory Youth Leadership Ranch

“ACSE” Elder to Youth Mentoring Program

Arts,Community Service and Entrepreneurship (ACSE)

Executive Summary

Let’s ‘Keep America Strong’ by facilitating the transfer of our ‘real’ wealth in the hearts and minds of our elders to our nation’s youth. ‘ACSE’ is designed to reignite the spark of creativity and innovation utilizing the Arts, Community Service and Entrepreneurship as ‘safe havens’  for this storehouse/treasure chest of knowledge, experience and wisdom to be shared! We are creating fun environments teaching, training and mentoring our community’s youth in a way that only our elders can. Coming from a place of love and deep concern for the future of our families and of this great nation, our elders have an even deeper seated commitment for our youth to succeed.

Through music, the visual arts, dance, writing, creative expression, community service and entrepreneurship we are preserving our treasures of skill and expertise by engaging young minds in learning environments fit for royalty. They are receiving only the absolute best that the ‘best’ in their fields have to offer. They are interacting with those that demand the best in themselves, the best in their passion and the best in their relationships with others. They also have the opportunity to prepare for their future in a global economy by interacting with, learning about and establishing networks with the world’s youth via our global out reach strategies.

The estimated cost of the first project year of this endeavor will run any where from $500,000 to $1,500,000 depending on the availability of public and private funding. As we teach and train our local youth we want access to the global community of the world’s youth to receive as much of the exposure as time and resources will permit. The spread in the projected costs reflects the additional technical expenses and program resource materials expenses associated with the global outreach.